Annie Ropeik

Annie Ropeik

Public radio reporter

I cover business, agriculture and economics for Indiana NPR stations. My work has aired on NPR News programs, the BBC World service and more, and I've reported at member stations from coast to coast.

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East Chicago Residents Want More Time, Help To Move From Lead-Tainted Homes

Hundreds of families have to leave a highly lead-contaminated part of East Chicago, Ind. by November. But many say they need more help to move that fast.

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In Rural Indiana, Farm Veterinarians In Short Supply And High Demand

Rural Indiana has a shortage of farm veterinarians -- and that strain could get worse in January when new rules for food animal antibiotics use take effect.

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East Chicago Relocation Tests Limited Affordable Housing Market

Why has it been so hard for East Chicago residents in a lead-contaminated public housing complex to find new homes?

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Indiana Cities Court Millennials With Downtown Revivals

Indiana towns have a new priority when it comes to driving population growth and improving their economies: their downtowns.

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To Empower Unions, Indiana Labor Targets State Elections

With a distracting presidential campaign backdrop and an uphill battle to reform state labor policies, Indiana union organizers face a lot of obstacles to regain power in the November election.

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As Agriculture Modernizes, County 4-H Fairs Work To Keep Pace

With more technology on farms, 4H is venturing from its agricultural roots into STEM.

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Indiana Hops Farmers Pin Financial Hopes To Craft Beer Trend

Some craft brewers in Indiana see local hops as a way to stand out. It means more upstart Hoosier growers are investing long-term in the trendy crop.

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Manufacturers See Workforce Potential In Unemployed Veterans

As Indiana creates more manufacturing jobs than most states, with more job openings on the horizon as baby boomers retire, many businesses are working harder to hire military veterans.

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In Rebuilding Economy And Population, Small Towns Wonder: What Comes First?

Small towns across Indiana are trying modernize their economies and hold onto younger residents. But where do you start? With jobs? Quality of life? Or somewhere else entirely?

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White County CAFO Rule Would Join Patchwork Of Regulations

White County is on its way to passing the state's first rule for protecting a waterway from big livestock farms. It's designed to shield the Tippecanoe River Basin and its residents from pollution and farm odors.

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With Jobs Unfilled, Manufacturers Team Up On Open Trainings

Subaru needs to add hundreds of workers at its huge Lafayette plant. But it hasn't been easy to hire people with the right skills. So they're teaming up with other manufacturers to create a new workforce from scratch.