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Annie Ropeik

Public radio journalist

I report and produce stories on economics and business for NPR member stations and national shows.

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Hud meeting article

Blood, Lead and Soil: A Year In East Chicago

Indiana Public Broadcasting looks at the past year of East Chicago's lead crisis and takes stock of what’s ahead in a special hour of coverage.

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In Tiny, Rural Hope, Large Hog Farms Spark Economic Fears

Indiana is adding more large-scale hog farms every year. They’re good business for farmers, but some neighbors say they can be bad for property values.

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National Public Radio

Carrier Got Cut A Deal, But Can Other Companies Expect The Same?

The deal hinged on $7 million in state tax credits — some of which came from a rarely used fund for job retention. And now it has manufacturers wondering what the deal might mean for them.

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National Public Radio

Questions Linger For Public Housing Residents Who Lived At A Superfund Site

Former residents of a public housing complex in Northwest Indiana still face contamination threats, a year after they learned they'd have to move due to high levels of lead in their soil.

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Immigration Executive Order Causes Anxiety In VP Mike Pence's Hometown

Manufacturers and residents in Columbus, Ind., depend on open borders to move both products and people.

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TWO-WAY: Hundreds Of Carrier Factory Jobs To Move To Mexico

In Indianapolis, hundreds of Carrier factory jobs are moving to Mexico. That's the furnace plant where, in December, President Trump said he made a deal to save some other jobs.

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In Rural Indiana, Farm Veterinarians In Short Supply And High Demand

Rural Indiana has a shortage of farm veterinarians -- and that strain could get worse in January when new rules for food animal antibiotics use take effect.

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National Public Radio

Small Indiana Nonprofit Falls Victim To Ransom Cyberattack

Everything was missing. Client files, financial data — all gone one Wednesday morning from the servers of Cancer Services of East Central Indiana.

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EPA, East Chicago Mayor Clash Over Future Of Contaminated Complex

A lead-contaminated public housing complex in East Chicago, Indiana could soon become a lead-contaminated vacant lot – and if local and federal officials can’t resolve a key dispute, it might stay that way for a long time.

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East Chicago Residents Want More Time, Help To Move From Lead-Tainted Homes

Hundreds of families have to leave a highly lead-contaminated part of East Chicago, Ind. by November. But many say they need more help to move that fast.

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Aleutians East Scrambles for Cheaper Link to Akutan Airport

Part two of a series on the struggle to connect Akutan and its airport, and winner of a 2014 Alaska Press Club award for business reporting.

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Indiana Senate Seat Stays With GOP

Indiana's contested Senate seat will stay with the Republicans, as Congressman Todd Young took an easy victory over long-time Indiana Democrat Evan Bayh.

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East Chicago Relocation Tests Limited Affordable Housing Market

Why has it been so hard for East Chicago residents in a lead-contaminated public housing complex to find new homes?

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Neighbors of 'mega' chicken farms call on state for relief from environmental effects

Delaware's traditional small family poultry farms are growing into sprawling, factory-style complexes -- and often, they're right in people's backyards. Won a 2015 Delaware Press Association award for radio reporting.

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Lawyers Request EPA Intervention For Lead In East Chicago Water

The Natural Resources Defense Council worked with residents to file the petition for emergency action with the EPA. A similar NRDC request led to EPA intervention in Flint, Michigan last year.