Annie Ropeik

Annie Ropeik

Public radio reporter

I cover business, agriculture and economics for Indiana NPR stations. My work has aired on NPR News programs, the BBC World service and more, and I've reported at member stations from coast to coast.

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Indiana Public Media

In Tiny, Rural Hope, Large Hog Farms Spark Economic Fears

Indiana is adding more large-scale hog farms every year. They're good business for farmers, but some neighbors say they can be bad for property values.

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Indiana Public Media

Earth Eats: How Do Consumer Perceptions Impact Farmers' Bottom Lines?

On today’s show, we talk about farming and the economy with Annie Ropeik, reporter for Indiana Public Broadcasting.

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Indiana Public Media

In Elkhart, Post-Recession RV Sales Boom Strains Workforce

Elkhart, Ind., is known as the recreational vehicle capital of the world — and the city with the nation’s highest unemployment rate during the recession. Now, the RV industry is booming — but that’s created problems of its own.