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Public radio journalist

I report and produce stories on economics and business for NPR member stations and national shows.

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02akutanfinance 2 thumbnail article

Aleutians East Scrambles for Cheaper Link to Akutan Airport

Part two of a series on the struggle to connect Akutan and its airport, and winner of a 2014 Alaska Press Club award for business reporting.

Imgp2450 2 thumbnail article

Geothermal Hopes Stall Without City Backing

Unalaska is draining its accounts for exploring the geothermal power resource at Makushin Volcano, saying the project is too expensive and risky to pursue any further. The private trust that owns the resource disagrees -- but they’re stymied without local support.

P1060793 thumbnail article

M/V Redeemer Heads for Scuttling, After Decades of Salvage Work

A legendary Western Alaska salvage vessel has reached the end of its life. Salvager Dan Magone is getting ready to sink his old tugboat, the Redeemer -- and getting ready for the next phase of his own storied career.

20131218 eagleinakshipstore thumbnail article

Eagle Wreaks Havoc Inside Alaska Ship Supply

Alaska Ship Supply had an unwelcome customer for about three hours Wednesday night -- a bald eagle, which flew in a loading door around 6 p.m. and refused to leave.

26watershed lake thumbnail article

Locals Hope Proposed Watershed Fixes Are First of Many

Unalaska Lake and the Iliuliuk River run through the heart of Unalaska. The watershed used to be habitat for thousands of salmon. But after decades of development and little consideration for containing runoff, that fish population seems to be on the decline.

Iuu coastguard thumbnail article

Crabbers Want In on Federal Plan to Trace Illegal Seafood

A new federal plan to combat illegal seafood harvesting includes a program to trace at-risk species from harvest to market. And fishermen in Alaska are hoping crab will make the list of what species are suffering the most from illegal activity.

Selendang screenshot2 thumbnail article

10 Years On, Selendang Ayu Spill's Legacy Still Evolving

This week marks 10 years since the bulk carrier Selendang Ayu ran aground off Unalaska Island. It was the biggest shipping disaster in the Aleutians’ recent history -- and its impacts are still evolving today.

Selendang ayu 1 thumbnail article

Aleutians Risk Assessment Unveils Spill Prevention Plan

For years, shipping safety advocates have called for better protections against oil spills in the Aleutian chain. Now, a $14 million per year plan for a new prevention and response system is finally finished.

Kayak4 thumbnail article

British Kayakers Arrive in Unalaska

A British kayak team that’s paddling the Aleutian Islands reached Unalaska Sunday night. KUCB’s Annie Ropeik was part of a group that kayaked out to greet them.

Sik thumbnail article

R/V Sikuliaq Meets Unalaska On Route to Ice Trials

Unalaskans are used to research vessels big and small tying up at their city dock. But they’ve never seen anything quite like the Sikuliaq.

P1020509 thumbnail article

Towing Drill Tests Emergency Mooring Buoy

After seven years, Unalaska’s emergency system for towing stranded vessels away from shore is finally complete. A new dedicated buoy for disabled ships got its first full-scale test during an annual drill last week.

Lostvillages thumbnail article

Elders Return Home to 'Lost Villages of the Eastern Aleutians'

Three traditional villages on the far side of Unalaska Island fell to ruin after their Unangan residents were relocated during World War II. A new book tells their stories -- from settlement, to abandonment, to the return of the elders who grew up there.

2alaska map with park names 0 thumbnail article

Radio Stations Weigh Rural Impact of Proposed Public Media Cut

Public radio and TV in Alaska could lose millions in state funding next year. Lawmakers want to spare towns with only one source for broadcast information, but that distinction might not be so easy to make.

25ahouse pkg thumbnail article

Emergency Housing Ministry Looks to Grow

Unalaska attracts thousands of transient workers every year, lured by the promise of a steady paycheck. But marine industry jobs can fall through — leaving people stuck with no shelter, and no money to fly home. Now, one local nonprofit is ready to expand its safety net for stranded workers.

9781602232372 thumbnail article

The Exchange: Ghosts of WWII on Kiska Island

Take a trek across the Western Aleutian island of Kiska, and you're likely to stumble across some ghostly remnants of World War II. Thousands of Japanese troops occupied the uninhabited island after the bombing of Dutch Harbor.