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Public radio journalist

I report and produce stories on economics and business for NPR member stations and national shows.

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20151214 093118 article

Neighbors of 'mega' chicken farms call on state for relief from environmental effects

Delaware's traditional small family poultry farms are growing into sprawling, factory-style complexes -- and often, they're right in people's backyards. Won a 2015 Delaware Press Association award for radio reporting.

20160203 140531 article

Coordination on poultry growth lacking among Delmarva towns, states

New poultry operations on Delmarva have left municipalities struggling to balance economy with environment. And across the peninsula's three states and many towns, it's happening inconsistently.

20151021 102733 0 article

Budget gaps strain Delaware's progress toward federal Chesapeake Bay restoration goals

Delaware isn't on track to meet 2017 halfway point milestones for cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay -- and a lack of state funding is limiting options. Honorable mention in the 2015 Delaware Press Association awards.

Dupontwashintonworks via epa article

In legal fight over toxic Teflon chemical, lawyers fear DuPont may seek exit through Chemours

For more than two centuries, the DuPont chemical corporation has been an anchor of Delaware's economy. But right now, it's also mired in a controversy just a few hours west of Wilmington: the years-long legal battle over use of a toxic chemical called PFOA in non-stick products like Teflon.

11036497 10153534712694108 2445011271626672772 n article

Women's prison inmates seek "second chances" to thrive

Members of the public got a rare glimpse at the lives and stories of inmates at the state's only women's prison last week in a series of TED talks. The message: everyone deserves a second chance. Won a 2015 Delaware Press Association award for radio reporting.

Udelgaga via la times article

UD students among sexual assault survivors who joined Lady Gaga's Oscars performance

University of Delaware students joined Lady Gaga and Vice President Joe Biden at Sunday night's Academy Awards for an emotional stand against sexual assault.

Dow dupont merger article

DowDuPont merger creates uncertain future for Delaware economy

In the First State, industry watchers are reacting to news of Dow Chemical and DuPont's plans to merge -- and what it might mean for Delaware's economy.

P1020090 article

UD research takes plankton's-eye view of changing Delaware Bay

University of Delaware researchers are partway through the first major survey of zooplankton in Delaware Bay in six decades. The data they collect should provide new insights into the ecology of the bay, and how it's changing -- and it might be a boon for the region's fishery managers, too.

Wilmington port article

Port of Wilmington seeks to remain a player as Delaware River shipping markets increase

The Port of Wilmington has a lot to be proud of, but it's also fallen behind on upgrades it needs to stay competitive. Now, it's investing millions to try and stay afloat.

20151013 123436 article

Wilmington water system's historic raceway gets a facelift

Wilmington is halfway through overhauling the signature feature of its water system: a 250-year-old stone raceway that runs through Brandywine Park. The raceway has a rich history, but it's also badly in need of repair.

2015 10 02 08.10.03 article

Statewide body camera policy would focus on 'use of force' situations

In the coming months, Delaware aims to finalize a statewide policy for the use of police body cameras across all levels of law enforcement. But as Delaware Public Media's Annie Ropeik reports, questions remain about exactly how the cameras should be used -- and how to pay for them.

20151008 200326 article

To combat racial tensions, police court Dover's youth

In Dover, mistrust of police is on the rise after officer-involved incidents that have prompted the NAACP to call for outside investigations. Now, city officials and black community leaders are trying to bridge that divide.

Transit sequence article

State marks Lewes' role in 18th-century astronomical breakthrough

"It was the Holy Grail of astronomy in the middle of the 18th century."

Capture 0 article

NOAA strategy aims to fold climate change into fisheries management

Delaware regulators say a new plan to fold data about climate change into fisheries management is good in theory -- but could be tough in execution.

20150619 114120 article

Georgetown marks African-American legacy at historic school

On the heels of the mass shooting at a historic black church in South Carolina, a Sussex County town is taking its own steps to heal. Georgetown is working to preserve Richard Allen Elementary School. It served as a center of African-American community there for almost a century before closing its doors.